One Way Vision

Here at Burst, we can Design, Print, Laminate and Install One Way Vision for either Automotive use or Flat Application. One Way Vision is a fantastic way to block vision from the outside but allow vision from the inside.

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How does it work?

One Way Vision media has small perforated holes that make up 50-70% of the surface area. The material is backed with a black adhesive so that your eyes focus on the space through the perforated surface. Because the outside of the media is printed on a white surface, your eye’s focus on the printed graphic instead of the tiny holes.

Is it Road Worthy when used on a Vehicle?

We use a VicRoads approved AutoView media with an Ultra Clear Laminate so yes, One Way Vision is road worthy!

Vehicle Application

There’s a range of advantages for using One Way Vision on your vehicle!Some of these advantages include:

  • Improved Security
  • Perfect Signage Placement
  • Block Out Sunlight

Flat Application

One Way Vision can be used on virtually any clear surface! It’s a perfect way to block out prying eyes and maintain a clear view of the outside world! Advantages include:

  • Block Out 50% Sunlight
  • Block Vision from the outside
  • Capitalise on un-used space

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know about One Way Vision

  • One Way Vision is not covered by a manufacturer warranty
  • We warrant our workmanship for 12 months post install
  • One Way Vision should not be cleaned using high pressure water
  • We use VicRoads approved AutoView media, but not all signage places do!
  • One Way Vision can take up to 3 weeks to ‘settle’ post install
  • We recommend restricting the use of rear windscreen wipers
  • We can print One Way Vision with any graphic you require!

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