Like anything, it’s important that you care for your new signage!

We use some of the best signage materials on the market, so rest assured that we do everything within our power to give you the perfect job.

The materials that we use are designed for automotive use and our machinery is some of the best on the market! Please see some guide lines below!

Post Install

Whilst vinyl is very tough immediately once installed, it does take up to 24 hours to reach it’s full adhesion strength. It’s important to avoid washing the vehicle for 24 hours post install. Rain & heat (sunlight) are absolutely fine, just avoid exposing the vehicle to any un-natural elements, chemicals, oils and waxes. Sunlight can even speed up the settling duration of the vinyl!

Settling Duration

All vinyls and laminates have a settling duration. Different vinyls will settle at different rates ranging from 1 – 4 weeks. If you notice any small imperfections in the vinyl (blemishes, bubbles, application marks etc) just give it time and it will most likely disappear! Vinyl will settle faster when exposed to direct sunlight. If not settled after 4 weeks, email us a photo.

Washing Your Vehicle

Most vinyl (excluding One Way Vision) has a strong, permanent adhesive BUT it’s very important to remember that it is vinyl, and not paint! When washing the vehicle, avoid automated car washes, high pressure water and strong chemicals. We recommend using a hose set on shower, lightly soapy water and a microfibre cloth. When wiping the surface of the vinyl, do so gently and try not to apply too much pressure around the edges.


The vinyl and latex ink that we use is of a very high quality and has high UV resistance. In extreme circumstances vinyl or ink can begin to fade (especially on horizontal surfaces). To avoid this, try to park in shaded or protected areas such as a carport or under a tree.

Bird Dropping+Tree Sap

Just like paint, it’s very important to clean any bird droppings, sap or possum urine from the vehicle as soon as possible. They contain corrosive elements and can do some real damage to the vinyl. The best way to clean, is by soaking it with water for 5 minutes then wiping from the surface with a cloth.

Spilt Fuel

Ensure that the fuel lid/cap area of the vehicle is kept clear of any spillages or spray. The oil in fuel can cause blemishes, lifting or corrosion of the vinyl.

Vinyl Care Products

There’s a range of vinyl care products that can be purchased to look after your new signage. We have a range available at our showroom.

Removing Vinyl

There may come a time where you need to remove the signage from your vehicle. The best way to do this is by heating up the vinyl with a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive. Once heated, the vinyl should peel off easily. If there is any adhesive residual on the vehicle, this can be stripped with an automotive friendly adhesive remover.