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Vehicle Signage is our Speciality! It’s what we do everyday! We thrive off creating a Smooth, Efficient & Enjoyable experience for our clients.

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Signage is one of the most effective ways to establish awareness of your brand.

Investing in Vehicle Signage will benefit your business in a range of different ways. We can design, print and install Vehicle Signage ranging from basic door decals right through to full digital print vinyl wraps. Branding is our specialty and we’re excited to help!

How Much is Vehicle Signage?

Vehicle Signage is one of the most effective and efficient ways to promote your business. Every vehicle is a blank canvas, just like every other car on the road. It could be doing more than just costing you money! With signage you can expect a solid return on your investment. We use the best materials on the market for your vehicle. We know that you take pride in what you do, and so do we! Branding is very important and we don’t make any compromises on quality.

The Basics

The basic package includes simple decals on the front doors and back window of the vehicle

Deposit $59 + GST
Duration 2-6 hours
Coverage 2-10%
Material 5 year vinyl

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The Value Pack

This is a good budget for vehicle signage. It’s subtle but people will definitely notice you!

Deposit $59 + GST
Duration 4-8 hours
Coverage 10-30%
Material 5 year vinyl

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What We Suggest

This is the package we suggest! It’s the best value for money and you’re almost guarenteed your return on investment!

Deposit $59 + GST
Duration 8-16 hours
Coverage 30-70%
Material 5 year vinyl

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The Works!

Let’s just go for it! The works is quite an extensive package! If you want to stand out & demand attention, this is for you!

Deposit $59 + GST
Duration 12-24 hours
Coverage 70-100%
Material 5 year vinyl

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How can I set this project in motion?

Vehicle Signage is our speciality! It’s what we do everyday!
We thrive off creating a smooth, efficient & enjoyable experience for our clients.

General Business Info

Quick & Efficient

We understand that most business people rely on their vehicles for income. We’ve worked hard to formulate processes to get your vehicle back on the road faster. We have access to the technical data for most passenger and commercial vehicles. This data allows us to completely prepare the signage pre-booking so that our team of installers can start working on your vehicle as soon as it rolls through our doors!

Don’t Wait!

Business is fast paced! We understand that if you want something, you want it now! We have access to a team of installers and generally book jobs in within 7 days of approval. If you need it urgently, we can book your install in over a weekend or after hours.

Working to your budget

One of the first questions we ask is about your budget. As vehicle signage has quite a wide price range, we generally design to a budget. We’ve established a price guide to help clients determine their budget but if you get stuck, we can help you with suggestions!

Cost Effective

Vehicle signage is one of the most cost-effective branding methods – your return on investment is a very safe bet! Vehicle signage is a one-off cost, but the exposure can last for up to 5 years! Our average Vehicle Signage install is $1,800 which is under $7 per week over a 5-year period!

Our Process

  • Consultation

    In your free consultation we’ll set you up with one of our dedicated Vehicle Signage Designers. We’ll run you through our Online Signage Brief and discuss any ideas you have in mind. We’ll also look at examples of effective signage and help you decide on a budget for your job. We’ll also request a digital copy of your branding/logo and any support material you’d like used.

  • Design

    Our qualified and experienced Graphic Designers have a strong understanding of vehicle signage. Your dedicated signage designer will guide you through the full process from concept to completion. We’ll provide you with detailed proposals and mock-ups of your vehicle so you can see exactly what the finished job will look like!

  • Booking & Payment

    Once the design proposal has been approved, we’ll invoice you for a 50% deposit for the job. We’ll also offer you a booking time & date (generally within 7-10 days of approval). Once the deposit has been paid and the booking confirmed, we’ll send your job to production! Your booking confirmation email will include all the information that you need for the day.

  • Production

    We have access to the technical data for most passenger and commercial vehicles. This data allows us to prepare your signage pre-booking so that our team of installers can start working on your vehicle as soon as it rolls through our doors! We use high-grade automotive films and bright latex ink to produce your signage.

  • Installation

    Your vehicle will be treated with care and respect from the moment it’s dropped off. Installation will take place within our dust-controlled factory by our well-trained staff. Our installers have strong attention to detail and will make sure that your signage is installed correctly and professionally.

  • Collection

    Your vehicle signage install will go through our meticulous quality control procedure (checked by our lead installer and your signage designer). When the vehicle’s ready for release, we’ll give you a quick call to confirm. Upon collecting the vehicle, we’ll process the 50% balance payment. We’ll also run you through a comprehensive Vehicle Signage Care Guide to help you achieve the maximum life span for your signage.

What People Say

Why Choose Burst

High Quality Materials

At Burst we pride ourselves on using nothing but the highest quality materials, ensuring your signage will look good and last! Couple this with exceptional customer service, and you have yourself an all-round great team to work with!

Latex printing Capabilities

Investing in the highest quality machinery is a no brainer for us! We have the ability to print high quality designs on the best quality materials available, all in-house. Using this technology allows our designs to be durable and scratch resistant, ensuring the hard work we put into your branding will last!

Graphic Design Service

Not quite sure on what design you want? We have you covered! From design, to printing, to installation, we cover every aspect of the job so you can rest assured that every person who is involved in your branding works to the same high standards!